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    2. Semi-auto Strapping Machine
    3. Automatic Strapping Machine
    4. Carton Sealer
    5. Wrapping Machine
    6. Manual Strapping Tools
    7. Packing Line
    8. Packing Consumable
    9. Sealling Shrinker
    10. Vacuum Packing Machine
    11. Hand&Pedal Sealer
    12. Continuous Film Sealer
    13. Automatic Paper Folder
    14. Ink Print Machine
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      Xuzhou KEC Packaging Technology Co.Ltd., founded in 2002, covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with 35,000 square meters construction area. The location of our company is next to five provinces, between Shanghai and Beijing city,with convenient transportation. As one of the most famous companies for packing machine, we own independent R&D center, marketing center, manufacturing center, and logistics center. We also have many branches offices in the cities of Beijing 、Shanghai、Guangzhou, Nanjing,etc. National Network is all over......
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